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Meet Joanne Holz

Passionate About Inspiring Others


Hi, my name is Joanne.  I am excited to be your guide on this segment of your journey.  Coaching is my calling and my joy. I have been coaching formally for the past 15 years.  I love experiencing growth, development, freedom, and breakthroughs as people come to “aha” moments during coaching.

I hold a doctoral degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation, a Master's Degree in Christian Psychological Studies, and am a graduate of the Renovaré Institute.  I am a certified coach; trained in trauma healing; hold basic certification in the Enneagram; hold a certification in the Birkman; and have ministry experience (congregationally and administratively).

I have coached leaders in the Arrow Leadership Program for 15 years, ministry leaders formally and informally for over 20 years, and business people for several years.  I directed a leadership school for 11 years.

While my credentials and experience have enabled me to coach professionally, listening to the Holy Spirit enables seeing past the skills and goals alone to other areas of life where people need to be freed up. 

It is my honor to serve others in this capacity.


A family business

When my grandchildren heard I was starting my own business, they wanted to be a part of it.  My grandson, Isaac, is a budding artist.  My granddaughter, Abby, loves calligraphy.  They developed the logo together.

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